1965 GCAA project.

Hey guys! So we finally got started on building the wings with the Millman spars! We started on the RH side and it came together rather nicely! We had to repair a couple ribs and figure out which one was which but thank goodness we didn't take the LH wing apart! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!
20190305_112903.jpg 20190305_112910.jpg 20190305_112921.jpg 20190305_112925.jpg 20190305_112931.jpg 20190306_171754.jpg 20190306_171758.jpg 20190306_171803.jpg 20190306_171811.jpg 20190306_171818.jpg
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Thanks! Well....we'll know what we need to do for sure but we still have to take everything apart, straighten, clean, prime all the parts....We are hoping to have the wings done mind to late April.