1977 8KCAB Project For Sale


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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
Hi everyone,

It's taken me a while to get to this point but I've decided to list my 8KCAB project for sale. It can be built as either a 150hp fixed pitch Decathlon, a 150hp constant speed Decathlon, or a 180hp constant speed Super Decathlon. Maybe it can even be built as an Extreme Decathlon with 210hp, I'm not positive.

Here's a link to photos of everything.

Here's a link to the list of everything that's in the project stash.

The wings listed in the parts list are in Canada near Toronto and I'm happy to give the contact info for the owner to whomever buys this project.

Asking price, not including the wings in Toronto is $18,500, cash only, local pick up in NJ.
Wings parts listed in the document (not associated with the wings in Canada) are included.

The fuselage frame was fully updated and returned to like new status, including new black powder coating, by the factory in Wisconsin. Paperwork includes the airframe log, data plate, current registration in my name, and the airworthiness certificate.

Tail number is 777DW, the plane had its first flight on July 7, 1977. So who is feeling lucky?
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