7AC rebuild and covering


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May 30, 2020
Shreveport Louisiana DTN
The right (starboard for you rust pickers) wing went into the booth and got Polysprayed, white undercoat of Polytone then Red and White Aerothane...
When I shot the white panels on the wing I also shot the rudder. One more wing to do up from the Polybrush coat and I'll have all the big pieces done.
Polybrush sprayed coats.
20211109_163755.jpg 20211109_163808.jpg

Polytone White undercoat.
20211121_143906.jpg 20211121_143918.jpg
Aerothane white and red.
20211124_184831.jpg 20211124_184818.jpg
While waiting on various things to dry I got the engine hung, finished up the wiring for the starter and got the brakes assembled and bled.
I DID have one setback since the last update...my trusty spray gun I've used for 15 years bit the big one 😡. All I had left was my Iwata detail gun and it's way too small for painting a wing. I ended up getting a cool 3m Accuspray 2.0 gun that has easy-change heads, throw away liners and tops and a built on regulator.! It came with 5 each 1.3, 1.4 and 2.0 nozzles... the 1.4 worked great for the silver and the 1.3 @ 18psi really laid down the Aerothane (which is a real b-atch to shoot) great. I'm still playing with the setup but for $350.00 it's not bad at all.
On to the left/port/other wing tomorrow...
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