Citabria 7KCAB carburetor air box question


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Feb 20, 2020
We noted there was a fair amount of play around the shaft that passes through the carburetor air box. We planned to address it at the next annual but we currently have the air box off for some other engine work.

I have a 1967 7KCAB and despite predating the models mentioned in SL 439 we’ve looked at it. [EDIT] My air box appears to *not* conform to the drawing in the SL and appears it is not to the 3-1546 air box but does have the 11-1081 bearing block. The big difference is my air box does not have the stamped top.

The question is how much play in the shaft is “normal” ? The SL mentions ensuring it doesn’t bind and it clearly doesn’t, but is there an excessively loose condition?

Thanks in advance.
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