ACA Restored Great Lakes, N507DT


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New Jersey, USA
Pics courtesy of Dale Gauger of American Champion Aircraft. :)

ACA does restorations of aircraft other than their own and, from the photos, it looks like they do a pretty nice job!

ACA Great Lakes 1.jpg ACA Great Lakes 2.jpg ACA Great Lakes 3.jpg ACA Great Lakes 4.jpg ACA Great Lakes 5.jpg ACA Great Lakes 6.jpg ACA Great Lakes 7.jpg ACA Great Lakes 8.jpg

Bob Turner

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A two-aileron GL with a 3-bladed prop? By the way, the local operators found a 180 hp in pretty good shape for $50K. I am officially jealous!

The two aileron 150 hp is a delightful airplane and a bit like the Champ. The 4-aileron 180 hp bird is different.

I love the things. The Decathlon is a better bird, just not quite as interesting.