Additional Airspeed Indicator

I saw a video recently whereas a secondary airspeed indicator was mounted so the instructor in the rear seat could view it without having to lean forward and look over the front seat shoulder. Any idea if there is an STC for this an if so how to go about finding it? Thanks.


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Have the video link still? Maybe grab an N number from the video and track down the owner via the FAA website?

What's the issue? Trying to instruct in your plane or having a problem with your instructor?
No, it was in a Citabria.. All the years I have been flying one, have never seen it. A friend showed it to me and asked how they did it and wondered if there was a STC.

Clifford Daly

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I think I’d rather see the engine instruments from the back seat over the airspeed! Airspeed you can feel, but I don’t have as much trust in a student in the front noticing a spiked oil temp.

I have seen it though. They put it in the corners up top, one airspeed and one altitude. Good idea but a lot of work for something not really needed. I know it was posted on Facebook at some point. I’ll see if I can find it.

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Look up the definition of minor alteration. Logbook entry, probably.

And they are all Champs. Look how much easier that is on the radio: "Champ 44 zulu Whiskey, five east with Echo landing" vs. "Bellanca Super Decathlon 44 zulu etc. . ."

One syllable vs. eight?


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Not to mention that there's not much the average pilot gains in knowledge when you say "Bellanca Super Decathlon" versus "Champ". Hard to tell the difference between the symmetrical and non-symmetrical airfoils from a half-mile away...

That said, I usually just say "Red and White Citabria 9502S" so they can tell mine from the blue-and-white flight school Citabrias that go by "YellowJacket xxx" (Letourneau University flight school call sign).

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"Red and Blue Champ on the 45 for 23 Hemet". My N-number is 2" high, so it is useless at an uncontrolled airport.
"Champ 44 ZW" works for the tower. They often call me a Cub.