Bellanca Aerobatics Guide


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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
Thanks to Bo Gilham for sharing this with us.

Please, if you haven't done aerobatics before, please get instruction before trying these maneuvers on your own. Use a parachute, comply with the regulationss regarding equipment and airspace, and do a thorough aerobatics-grade preflight on your airplane before flying. Thanks! :)

CitAcro 1.jpg

CitAcro 2.jpg CitAcro 3.jpg CitAcro 4.jpg CitAcro 5.jpg CitAcro 6.jpg CitAcro 7.jpg CitAcro 8.jpg CitAcro 9.jpg CitAcro 10.jpg CitAcro 11.jpg CitAcro 12.jpg CitAcro 13.jpg CitAcro 14.jpg CitAcro 15.jpg CitAcro 16.jpg CitAcro 17.jpg CitAcro 18.jpg CitAcro 19.jpg CitAcro 20.jpg CitAcro 21.jpg CitAcro 22.jpg CitAcro 23.jpg CitAcro 24.jpg CitAcro 25.jpg CitAcro 26.jpg CitAcro 27.jpg CitAcro 28.jpg CitAcro 29.jpg CitAcro 30.jpg

CitAcro 31.jpg
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