Big Spring in Super Cubs

Bob Turner

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Apr 4, 2018
Each time I think I have seen the beautiful Southwest from 300 feet for the last time, I get a chance to do it again. This time I got to help two of my students enjoy the pastoral scenes along Interstates 8 and 10, and review uncontrolled airport procedures and formation flying in the process.

Just got back yesterday. 23 hours in Super Cubs in five days - not exactly grueling, but fun! One thing is for sure - the more mods you put on a Super Cub, the slower it goes. We had a 15 knot difference!

Be precise at uncontrolled airports. Religiously look them over from above, then run a full pattern at pattern altitude. Never descend from pattern altitude until abeam the approach end. Sure, sometimes we get sloppy when we know the place is deserted, but don't make it a habit, lest you forget what a good pattern is!