Bruce 79 ECA recover

Clifford Daly

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With polytone I sprayed the entire citabria in temps from 50-90, dry in some areas and soaked it in others and it’s amazing how you can watch a wet area flatten out and make the dry area equal. Not 1 single spot of orange peel and compounded to an amazing shine. Not putting stewart’s down but poly fiber definitely seems easier and gives your more consistent results.


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Knoxville TN
True but then it's not water born but solvent base, with water temp is very important. Just to share I started with lacquer paint which was simple to use just many coats with sanding, then on the the enamel with hardeners, then on to the 2 part epoxy paint, then the base coat with clear now we are into water each one has a learning curve but with the environmental people going nuts I know the auto has gone water base I know the first time I shot base with clear I had terrible orange pealing in the clear, then I found out the correct air pressure for it was not the same as the base and this was shot in the outdoors early morning which I have done many times but no one told me how much bugs like the smell of the clear... Dooo.

The truth is we each have our preferences and this is what makes America Great and flying so much fun.

Clifford Daly

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Just giving an opinion. You have two people who have recovered multiple airplanes and both said Stewart’s has its issues still. Aviation stuff is different than the auto industry in many ways and is hard to compare for fabric airplanes. Maybe in 50 years it’ll be better than solvents but it’s like removing paint with water vs chemicals, we all know what’s better!

Bob Turner

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Clifford - our instruction Cub is Poly Tone, and looks awful. What compound did you use, and did you machine buff it?

On the Stewarts, my buddy is making a pilgrimage to see the guru Wednesday. He uses ever so slightly different techniques.

Clifford Daly

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I used “3m Finesse-It II Machine Polish”

I used a soft foam finishing pad and used a very low speed. Went over the hard spots once and hand rubbed any other spots that needed the attention. I’m sure I could have rubbed it out even more for a better shine but I was afraid of going too far.