Chief and that spar AD

Bob Turner

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Apr 4, 2018
I had a telephone call last night about Chief wings and the AD (2000-25-02R1). Caller is a Chief owner who says the AD requires repetitive inspections. I just checked; Group 1 aircraft includes all Chiefs and most Aeroncas, and requires only an initial spar inspection, plus one after any wing damage.

He also said that ACA would supply metal spar wings for the Chief, and that Milman has an STC for the Chief. Not being an expert, I told him to carefully re-check those two things. He said ACA would sell him two metal spar wings, covered through white, for $20K. That is probably a bargain if your wings need spars and/or recover. I am a skeptic, but await comments from folks more in tune to Aeroncas. I am a J3 specialist, and will not allow PA11 wings on a J3 without a field approval, even though they are on the same type certificate. And yeah, I hold a field approval for that.

Appreciate comments and opinions -