Citabria 7GCBC Wings For Sale


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Oct 2, 2018
NW Ohio
My wing saga continues... A fire destroyed my 7GCBC in November...everything except the wings...It appears that the insurance company's lawyers decided that paying me the full stated hull insurance amount and then taking possession of the wings (which I paid to have reworked) constituted double jeopardy... Ergo I now have a nice set of 7GCBC wings... I posted this ad on Barnstormers...If anyone here is interested we can talk about the pricing..

7GCBC WINGS-FLAPS-AILERONS • $8,500 • FOR SALE • READY TO BOLT ON TO YOUR PROJECT: Set of wings from a 1979 Bellanca Citabria 7GCBC. Wooden spars. Inspected October 2018 and found in excellent condition as were the fuel tanks. All nails were removed and replaced with stainless steel screws per Rainbow Flying Service STC. Inspection plates also installed on upper wing surface per RFS STC. Wings were recovered with Stits Poly and painted. Flaps and ailerons were not recovered but are included in the price. Fuel gages and nav lights are installed. •