Echo UAT/SkyFYX ADSB system


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May 30, 2020
Shreveport Louisiana DTN
I'm doing the Condition Inspection on a friend's RV8 and installing an ADSB in/out system while I'm at it. This is the first of its type I've done so I thought I'd share...
It's called an Echo UAT with the accompanying WAAS GPS SkyFYX by Uavionix.
As with all of Uavionix stuff, this unit "sniffs" the aircraft wiring to obtain the Transponder settings, adds additional positioning packets and spits out an ADSB code...
I always considered the Garmin GDL82 easy to install (as much as I detest Garmin) but this unit is wwaaayyy easier!
Even though I pulled a new 20 ga. power wire so the owner doesn't have to keep the nav lights on all the time (only power going to the tail was the nav light circuit) the install was only 3 hours! Power wire to both GPS antenna and electronics, ground wires to same and one wire between them for rs232 data stream. Oh yea, I had to make up an coax cable to the belly mounted lollipop antenna as well as a little mount for his aft cargo bay.
Here's the good part...this unit supplies ADSB out on 978 and in on both 1090/ 978 (for weather and traffic) AND provides wifi out for most non-Garmin tablets, phones and GPS units like the 740b from Ifly. Unfortunately for the certified crowd it's not yet available but I'd bet it will be in future.
Small footprint.
Bracket mounting system.

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