glider towing

I don't believe I can legally install a tow hook on my 8kcab...since no flaps.
Glider towing is actually quite enjoyable.. our club uses a Pawnee PA25-250..
plenty of power and loads of fun...
really good way to build more tailwheel time and with lots of different wind conditions.


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If you are interested in a hook, for glider towing I have one off a 7gcbc I would part with. You could check the stc for applicability.

Bob Turner

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Flaps are drag. I would think one would want to minimize drag when towing. If it is any help, my Dec goes up at 1200'/min, accoding to my ancient R/C ind. That's probably enough power to pull a glider.
ok, all good info! I'll see if I can find the STC to see if I can fit it to my 8KCAB. was told that I couldn't... which I
took at face value...
I do know that glider towing is an absolute blast....especially on the way down after the glider releases!