Hello World!


Apr 4, 2018
Warrenton, Virginia
Hi all! Happy to be here. My name is RJ and I'm a relatively new pilot in the airshow world. At the very end of 2015 I was adopted by a 1977 150HP Decathlon CS. It's been a fantastic airplane - I can't imagine a better "do it all" machine, or a better way to learn aerobatics. It sure makes you work for precision, but it's very rewarding.

I grew up in North Carolina in a flying family, with a flight instructor mom and test pilot dad, so I was in the pilot seat earlier than I can remember. I started flying radio-control aerobatics at age 12 and was fortunate enough to travel the US and the world flying competition. In "full-scale" airplanes, I soloed on my 16th birthday and passed my checkride for my private pilot's license on my 17th. My passion for radio-control aerobatics transferred over when I took a few aerobatic lessons in a 7KCAB for my senior project in high school... I was hooked! I graduated from NC State in 2015 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and moved to Virginia to work at Aurora Flight Sciences. Just down the road in Bealeton, we have a magical place called the Flying Circus - a little slice of history where we fly airshows every weekend, May through October. I joined the ground crew at the Flying Circus, started flying the Decathlon at the end of 2015, and flew my first airshow in the last Circus show of 2016. I flew something like 27 shows (many at the Circus, 6 or 7 outside shows) last year and am loving every minute of it!

Here's a video from Culpeper Airfest last year:

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from everyone on the forum and hopefully be of help to someone else as well.

See you at the airport!