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I have a student trying to get a student certificate. We are hung up on IACRA. The FAA has full time 24 hr phone help for this hideously difficult business, but we still have not sorted it out.

So - does anybody know what happens if he shows up at the FSDO without my electronic signature? We are, of course, checking with the FSDO, but the last time I did an IACRA exercise in the FSDO, it took three inspectors to figure it out.

I deal with IACRA maybe once a year, and either I am getting stupider, or it is getting less user friendly.

Does my student have to have my signature to get a license? Or can the Feds simply issue it?


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With no CFI anymore I wasn't familiar with this when I first read your post.


The FAQ's page at https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/faq.aspx .....list this question/answer with a phone number to call which I assume you've already tried?

Q.How do I obtain assistance with IACRA?A. If you have a question while using IACRA, you should first review the FAQs and the IACRA Instruction Manual. Additionally, there is a link to the on-line Help in the upper right hand corner of the IACRA application once you have logged in. The Help is context specific to the page on which you are viewing. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the online IACRA resources, you may contact the AVS National Service Desk at 1-844-FAA-MYIT(322-6948) -- or send an e-mail to helpdesk@faa.gov. Please do not contact the National Service Desk to reset or recover your IACRA password - the IACRA site provides an immediate online password recovery feature along with recovery via email.

Bob Turner

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It is getting worse. We have gone to the "help desk" three times, modified our computer settings, and now they are telling my student he has to be standing next to me on the same computer when we finally sign this thing.

I have an e-mail in to a friendly fed, hoping that we can simply walk in to the FSDO and do this together.

I have programmed computers with ones and zeroes, machine language, Basic, Fortran, Assembly language . . . But I am not smart enough to fill out an FAA form. That is part of the reason I stay away from anything other than flight reviews and tailwheel checkouts.

Grumble . . .

Bob Turner

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I went with my student to the FSDO. They wouldn't let me in - security risk!

That was ok; I met a really nice airworthiness inspector in the hallway. He is willing to help on brake projects.

Student said even the FAA has trouble with IACRA, but they got it done. We now have to wait for an e-mail for him to solo. Not sure why the delay - apparently neither is the ASI. He tried to get an instant authorization, like in the olden days.

Bob Turner

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I keep saying there will be no more. I do not understand ACS, which has an amazing 1400 separate blocks to check. I do not know 1400 discrete facts, let alone 1400 about flying airplanes. When ACS hits flight reviews and taildragger checkouts, I am out!