Instrument Proficiency Check

Bob Turner

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Apr 4, 2018
I don't do a lot of instrument instruction - but have to do an IPC this month. Seems to me there was an FAA interpretation of "representative tasks" that mandated doing "all" the tasks in the little checkride guides (now called ACS and not so little).

In some ways that is not a bad idea - but "one size fits all" is not necessarily the best way - for instance, a retired airline guy may need a different set of review material than, say, a Schebley graduate who hasn't flown instruments since the check ride.

Another consideration is liability - if you don't review each and every part of the checkride guide and the student has an incident six months down the road, involving, say, a DME arc, do you get to buy a lawyer? (In my case, my SAFE insurance would buy the lawyer and bring a million bucks if I were found negligent).

What are you guys doing these days for an IPC?