O-235-C For Sale

I have a complete Lycoming O-235-C for sale, mags, carb, starter, ring gear, exhaust. I haven't opened it up yet but according to the log it has been field overhauled. (1987) and has not been started yet....We are at some point going to pop the cylinders off and take a look see inside. I can post pictures later but was just throwing this out there to see if there was any interest. If there is I'll tear into it and inspect it. Let me know if you are interested.
Tim Mix


Staff member
New Jersey, USA
Not in the market for an engine but it's technically zero time even though it was overhauled in 1987?

What do you suppose it's worth if it checks out ok?
Well, you would hope that it would be, but it would be "0" time from OH not total. It was a field OH and the guy that did it is dead now, and I have NO idea if new parts were used (no yellow tags/8130s) so That's why we are seeing if there is any interest first. I only have one log book with the OH entered in, and it is a general statement. So, we are hoping as a complete unit maybe $4-5k? But what do you think?