Pictures of fuel vent line crossing cabin


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I'm working on our 7GCBC and I am nearly ready to close up the leading edges (Milman LE kit). The vent line comes from the outboard portion of the tank, over the leading edge and then through grommets to the wing root.

The diagrams in the maintenance and parts diagram are not clear on how the vent exits the wing. It appears to go through the same opening as the forward spar. But that seems very tight for clearing the tubing and electrical on the left side of the cockpit. Once into the cockpit opening I'm not sure how the vent line crosses the cabin or what it is covered by. Oh the joys and challenges of reassembly of a project you didn't take apart.

Unfortunately I only know of one other Citabria at our airfield and I haven't been able to connect with that owner to take a look at his. If anyone has any pictures that they can share, that would be great. Currently I'm just working on the left wing and want to get it ready for inspection by my IA before closing up the leading edge.

Here is a link to a photo of how I suspect it is supposed to go based on the parts manual.




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Thanks Bruce.

I found some pictures that showed how the left wing was configured. At least partially. The vent line slants upwards as it traverses from the tank to the root. Kind of confirms that it could come out about the same place as yours.

I still want to see a picture of it crossing the cabin, but getting closer.


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I just ran across a photo on the Facebook group that shows the vent line crossing the cabin. Just sorta hanging out there in the open. Good enough for me though.


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Yep that's the way mine was when we took the plane apart had a good time at sun and fun spent full day with the Stewart fabrics and paint team what a nice bunch of folks. Plan on ordering materials sometime next week.