Public vs. Private Posts Explained


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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
Hi all,

I would just like to make sure all y'all understand the difference between a post that everyone can see and one that is private.

When you post to a thread or start a new thread, that is public, everyone can see it and comment as they'd like.

When you click on a person's username (it's definitely a person because corporations aren't persons here at a small window will open and if you click on their username again you'll be taken to their Profile Page
Click here to see my PUBLIC Profile Page.....

If you post under that person's profile, your post will be PUBLIC and anyone will be able to join in the exchange.

Now, there's one more way to contact someone and that is what we call a Conversation. Conversations are PRIVATE. To start a private conversation with someone, click their username anywhere at the site and then click START CONVERSATION. A new window will pop up and with that you'll be able to start a conversation that will just be between you and the person you're contacting. You can also send your messages to groups of people by just adding additional usernames in the "Recipients" line.

So, to summarize;
Posts to Threads and any new Threads are PUBLIC.
Posts to a person's Profile are PUBLIC.
Conversations that you start using the Start Conversation link are PRIVATE.

Hope that helps!
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