Scout Vertical Compass Card Question

Wondering if anyone who has installed a vertical compass card into thier American Champion Scout and if so are they getting excessive magnetic deviation from internal frame. I am thinking of changing out to the vertical card but looking for anyone's advice
Vertical card compass will have the same deviation as any other compass if installed in same location.
Most of it usually can be corrected by deviation screws, just try to avoid placing compass near electric wires and loads like gyros and radios.


1965 Champion 7ECA (O-200)
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I've got one that came with my 7ECA, and it seems to be pretty darn decent. I really should do a compass swing sometime, to be sure, but I find that I rarely even look at the compass - other than to initially set (and re-set, and re-set, and re-set...) the DG that is powered by venturis that seem to "come alive" only at about 50 mph...

PS - I do not have the "external balls" that are intended to allow proper calibration when it won't calibrate without them...

Bob Turner

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Once you swing a compass, you will discover why the compass rose does not have a line. The critical part is the deviation card - make sure you have one of those, and use the GPS.