Sky Ox SK 12-9 - Aviation Oxygen Tank

May 3, 2024
Paducah, Kentucky
Sky Ox SK 12-9 Portable Aviation oxygen tank with a Sky Ox duel connection regulator.
Tank ranges in capacity from 12 to 9 cubic feet.
Bag is included.
Overall great oxygen tank.

Price: $200.00 Plus Shipping and 6% tax (Ky)



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Jan 23, 2019
Well first off this probably is not the space he should be selling in.
Second I have worked a ton of O2 systems in aviation in 40 plus years and this is bad information. With out getting into specifics O2 bottles regardless of material have to be tested sooner or later and if you look at the pics here of this bottle you can clearly see it has been stamped with a hydrostatic test date and probably manufacture date. Also if you blow up the pic he has sent it clearly shows under the warning placard on this bottle that a hydrostatic test is required every five years. They do that for a good reason, which is that they need to be tested. Shipping it empty now creates the hazard of contamination which is very easily done with any oxygen system. You learn early in the game you never ever let a O2 bottle get under 500 psi if you can help it and for sure never to empty. "Bag was kept in a non smoking environment", well I guess I would hope to hell it was, it's an oxygen tank. What the heck???

Bob Turner

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Apr 4, 2018
Interesting. I cannot comment on that.

Is it possible this vendor should have a commercial agreement here? It is surely borderline close.