My AI installed the skybeacon by uavionix on my 2005 gcaa. Installation was 2 hours. It works as advertised. One slight disappointment is that the strobe is only visible to the side due to the fact that it’s not in a bubble that gives fore and aft visibility as well. I do have to fly with the nav lights on as well for it to operate. It’s also only good for flight in the USA since it’s a UAT unit.
All in all I’m satisfied with it because I have the ADSB compliance for ADSB out.


1965 Champion 7ECA (O-200)
McKinney, TX
Not quite what you were discussing, but in the software app (downloadable from the app stores) there is a "configuration option" to enable/disable the strobes. The nav light switch does have to be "on" for the ADS-B Out to work, but at least you can disable the strobes when they might be annoying to other pilots (or to yourself). On another forum, a guy posted an email he got from uAvionix stating that using the configuration software as the strobe on/off switch was perfectly fine. Make sure your installer gave you the "passcode" to access the software, so you can do that, as well as enabling "anonymous mode" when you choose to do so. The passcodes are unique by serial number.