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Jul 20, 2020
Tampa, FL
Read on Acro Group that the IAC approved 2021 known proposals. I was curious what Sportsman would look like, since I hope to compete this year. A few critiques from someone who has not flown in a long time:

1. I personally feel sharks teeth and humpty bumps are unnecessary and counter-productive for Sportsman. First, newer pilots will have to learn to fly those more advanced maneuvers instead of perfecting finer points of more fundamental maneuvers. Second, less powerful aircraft are disadvantaged. While the stated target aircraft for Sportsman is the Decathlon, in reality this sequence favors Pitts drivers who should be moving up to Intermediate.

2. Are wind correction maneuvers not a thing anymore? That was the most challenging decision making skill to acquire during Sportsman. I felt it was good to learn early, but looks like they slid it to Intermediate.

3. How much imagination would it have taken to turn one of those 3 cubans into a reverse cuban? Roll to inverted on 45 upline takes some practice to master rudder inputs. If you do it sloppy, you find out when you pull through off heading. That's what I mean by finer points of more fundamental maneuvers.

4. No spin? A 3/4 or 1 1/4 spin makes a natural WCM. Wonder if this was a nod to the RV crowd. Those have always had a reputation as terrifying to spin.

Overall, it looks reasonable, and I am looking forward to learning it. Gotta get a chute first. That is turning out to be a bigger challenge than I expected.




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Nov 18, 2019
Wonder why they took out the spin. Haven't learned shark's tooth yet - I assume it's a combination of a humty and 1/2 cuban. I had no issues with the verticals in my 7ECA, just don't make the verticals long. Actually found the humpty to be the most fun maneuver yet, as it makes loops more exciting. I also enjoy the aerobatic spins - really surprising it's out. Did they remove it from Primary as well? My aerobatics instructor (from Nashua NH) has said he couldn't recall seeing an RV at a competition. The funny thing is that I passed on a tail dragger Aerobat prior to getting my 7ECA, because the tail conversion didn't allow it to do intentional spins, and I wanted to try competitions.
They also took out the split S, and like the sequence of hammer to slow roll to competition turn, should be easier with low power aircraft like the 7ECA ...
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