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Clifford Daly

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Apr 12, 2018
I will at some point sit down and give a full write up of my experience with poly fiber but right now, I must get my airplane finished!

If anyone has any questions about the system please feel free to ask.

The thing with fabric systems is that it’s all relative and there truly isn’t a system that’s “better.” With that said, I love poly fiber and will only use it for any of my projects that I do. It’s so simple to order and is laid out nicely on most websites like aircraft spruce. I personally like that it’s chemicals that will hurt you because that’s how I know the stuff is good. It’s like using water to remove paint instead of reducer, I’ll take the strong stuff!

Quick downsides is taping for trim is a challenging task even with the right tape, you must have good ventilation, and gloves that fit your hands nice enough to feel like they aren’t restricting you.

I used poly tone and enamel for the Citabria and plan on using aerothane for a little Smith mini plane that we’ll be doing next!



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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
I respect the bejesus out of you for doing a legitimate Decathlon paint scheme! It's more work but looks so nice!