Wood Spar Decathlon Wing Photos, Post them here please


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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
Hi all,
It would be appreciated if all of you pre-ACA wood spar Decathlon owners could post your wing pics here. In addition to being a repository for others that are restoring these airplanes, I can really use the guidance that the photos will provide as I start assembling new wings for my Decathlon project. My wings were disassembled before I bought the project so I'm going off the parts manuals and whatever I can pull from the internet.

Photos can be uploaded in 100 count batches so please post what you have. Thank you!
Apr 3, 2018
My old Std Decathlon VH-JIR SN 528-79.
When I bought it (2001 from memory) the fabric was in poor shape. Razorback in black and yellow. Some idiot had put a Super Decathlon decal on the cowling - when I changed the registration and got a new Flight Manual (as rules had just changed), CASA refused to believe that it was a Std Decathlon as their data showed it to be a 180 HP with C/S prop. Took me ages to get evidence from the factory and to convince CASA that it still had the original engine. Then in 2003 my mechanic noticed a crack in the LH wing rear spar. You can see the spar damage from a ground loop about 20 years prior - there were other dodgy repairs done to the aeroplane at the time.
It ended up a very neat airplane in Ceconite with red and white dope.
I sold it in 2012 to buy a 2007 Super Decathlon.