Yes... it's a 7ECA !!!

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Mar 30, 2018
LPSR - Santarém - PORTUGAL
Not much to say here...
I'm the proud owner of the only 7ECA existing in Portugal...
I used to see my father flying aerobatics on THIS aircraft when I was a kid, 35 years ago, and flew my first loop with him in 1984, when I was 9.

I had the chance of buying this '69 7ECA in 2008, fully restored it in 2 years, overhauled the engine and installed Milman Aluminum spars STC.
Guess it should be the most expensive 7ECA flying in the world... if it was now, I'd have bought a Super-Decathlon !!!
Too much money for too little performance, but still I like my airplane.

Airshow season is small, here in Portugal, we have around 10 shows, and usually I'm only invited to 3 or 4.
Airshow performers are always the same: 3 YAK-52 flying close-formation aerobatics, 1 Pitts S2 flying solo or with whoever gets close, 1 RV-6A making rwy crossing acts with a Rutan Verize, and me and my fellow 2 Chipmunks flying the old slow glories.

We use to make some close-formation low-passes, sometimes we get a Cessna 140 or a Piper Colt to join us, then we break the formation me doing a low half cuban eight, and while the Chips fly low, I climb to start my solo show from above, with a 4 to 6 turn spin warm-up.

Then my solo act is "do-what-you-can" with-those-115-poneys without too much climb breaks.
Sometimes it's hard, some airfields are 2000 to 2300 ft AGL with surface burning at 38ºC (100ºF).
Engine quits about 5 times each show, as I have no inverted systems on it.

I've read somewhere "You have to work hard to get anything out of it (7ECA) when doing aerobatics... but that's part of the fun". Could't be more true.
So, from "Airspeed, Altitude and Brains", I always try to have at least two, to keep me alive. That's another very real statement.

Now I've certified an ATO (EASA Flight School) and begun giving aerobatic rating courses, though not much free time left around in between plastic airplanes (A320 TRI/TRE), family and fun flying (aka "training").

Some little videos flying around in Youtube, not much, unfortunately. People enjoy the more noisy, powerful and smoker aircraft than this little 7ECA.

I'll give you one of the ones I like the most:

So, stay safe, fly high enough but mainly...

Fly for Fun !!!

Pedro Cunha Pereira


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Mar 27, 2018
New Jersey, USA
I thought flying a 7ECA in airshows was badass enough but knowing it was your dad's plane and that you were riding in it as a kid makes the story that much better! Welcome to the site Pedro, looking forward to seeing more videos! ;)