Wheel Landings - 7ECA


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Apr 3, 2018
Tacoma, WA
Well yesterday was really gusty, and with the approach end being just above trees, I kept final speeds up above 80. As such couldn't really try the 70mph approach. With the higher speed there was no reason to keep power in the flare. However, I think I did the trick of arresting sink with just slight back pressure before touchdown, then releasing it. I say "think" because I actually don't quite know - all on pavement, my first 2 landings were bad, lots of bouncing, then the next one was good, and last one super smooth (and also got me stopped relatively quick). It got dark so I called it quits - but I'm not necessarily wiser. It also got me thinking that in strong crosswinds, it will be gusty, and at least in the lighter 7ECA, I feel I need the higher speed on final to penetrate the gusts, otherwise I'm just dropping way to much in gusts.
When it's gusty like that you're mainly trying to avoid inadvertent contact with the nearest planet. There will be no light bulb moments for wheel landings in those conditions. Go out when it's dead calm if you can.